A-Z of Cryptocurrency 101 Glossary

a-z of cryptocurrency

A-Z of Cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is here to stay and the most pronounced of it is Bitcoin. So here is the 101 glossary of cryptocurrencies la lingua listed in alphabetical order. Learning the language and terms around cryptocurrency will enable you to grasp the fundamentals of the new currency. Aa AltcoinA cryptocurrency that is not Bitcoin.…

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Online Payment Accepted in Zambia

Zambian money markets

Working online is very tough when you are a resident in Zambia because of the payment system integration difficulties you will face. While technology has made money transfers and payment systems very much easier certain payment methods are not available when your bank is in Zambia. The online payment method of your choice practically looks…

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How To Buy Bitcoin From Credit Card In Zambia

How To Buy Bitcoin From Credit Card In Zambia and other cryptocurrencies

How To Buy Bitcoin From Credit Card In Zambia today in 2019 is very easy when you just have to use Paybis. Signup at the referral link provided or easily watch and follow easy instructions in the video below. Last time Bitcoin rose up to its highest ever in 2017 most Zambians missed out due…

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Money Transfer Technologies Impact In Zambia

Money Transfer Technologies Impact to Businesses In Zambia

Technology and business in Zambia like Airtel Money, Speed Pay, Zoona, Swift Cash, Mtn Money, and Zamtel Kwacha are all involved in money transfer services and bill payments. These have become common such that some people have even forgotten how the banks look inside. With Zoona, Airtel and Mtn one can even save money.  Read…

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What is Bitcoin how does it Work

What is Bitcoin? Will it be a currency of the future

As of today 1 Bitcoin is valued @61,329.70 Zambian Kwacha which is an equivalent of $6,128.32USD. This is not a joke. I remember last year in February my Server was hit by a Ransomware and the hackers wanted only 5 Bitcoins. The bitcoin value then was $350, so i only needed 15,000 Kwacha to recover…

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What is Bitcoin where is it found, has bitcoin got a future

Whats Bitcoin currency?

What is Bitcoin where is it found, has bitcoin got a future? In a very simple terms that every Zambian can understand what is Bitcoin? The best and very interesting answer is that today 1 Bitcoin is trading @61,329.70 thousand Zambian Kwacha. Bitcoin was the first currency to be transacted on a Blockchain (i.e. distributed registers).…

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How ransomware bad rabbit spread

Bad Rabbit Malware

After locking down the computers the cyber criminals behind Bad Rabbit are demanding 0.05 Bitcoin ($285 =2,835.58ZK) from victims. Bad Rabbit is a new strain of ransomware spreading and infecting computers.   What you need to know about Bad Rabbit Ransomware attacks are not subtle. You will receive a notification immediately It spreads via a…

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The most information technology acclaimed series mr robot is back

Elliot played by Malek in Mr Robot

The most acclaimed information technology tv series Mr Robot is back for its third installment season 3. Aired on 11th October the season premiere episode one was dumbed ps3.0_power-saver-mode.h.  Catching up from season 2 episode 12, which was last aired on 21st September 2016, eps2.9_pyth0n-pt2.p7z. We see Elliot our schizophrenic friend realizes his mission, and needs help from the…

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Bitcoin price hits all time high value

What is Bitcoin? Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin price hit all time high value as of 6th June 2017. The internet shadowy currency surged into values of $2900 USD, an equivalent of ZK17,686.85 Zambian Kwacha per coin.   The last of a similar hit-high price was on Friday 23rd November 2013.  At the time the bitcoin currency sharply rose from merely a…

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