iOS 12 Beta 5 Reveals iPhone Dual SIM

iphone duo sim

If the rumors are right then Apple has revealed a huge leap in the phone models. According to bgr the New iOS 12 beta show line of code talking about SIM tray 1 and 2 and the iPhone dual SIM capability.   This is been long overdue. I don’t know about folks in developed countries like…

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Why iPhone 7 Product Red is not Popular in Zambia

iPhone 7 Product Red Special Edition was introduced by Apple of California in March 2017.  Despite that every purchase of iPhone 7 Product Red contributes to the Global Fund to fight HIV/AIDS the phone itself has not sold out much in Zambia. Apart from the iStore in Lusaka no other outlet including Mobile City and the major…

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What is Signal

Signal Mobile Phone App

Signal is a free all-in-one messaging and voice-call solution that uses end-to-end encryption. Its developed by Open Whisper Systems and the App is available both on Android and Apple’s iOS. Their is also a desktop version for Linux, Windows and macOS. Signal is greatly known for its fantastic messaging solution for security-conscious mobile users. Despite its renowned…

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Apple release update iOS 10.3.3 addressing serious wifi issue

iOS update 10.3.3

Apple has release the iOS 10.3.3 update that is affecting iPhone 5 and later, iPad 4th generation and later, and iPod touch 6th generation. The updates addresses many vulnerabilities in the Contacts, coreAudio, EventKitUI, IOUSBFamily and Wi-Fi.    Serious Wi-Fi Vulnerability   The patch in the wifi module is very serious one. In the Wi-fi module “an attacker…

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Apple just released iOS 11 public beta

Apple ios 11 beta

Apple just released the iOS 11 public beta. Those with developer registration can now download and test the new iOS. iOS 11 promises a lot of enhancement to the Apple iOS powered product line of iPhone and iPad.   The Apple iOS 11 beta gives a chance for those interested to test the OS before…

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Apple iOS updates to 10.3.0

ios updates

Find my iPods iPods are fairly petite and not the easiest things to keep track of. Not to worry: iOS 10.3 will do the hard work for you. Apple just released an update to iOS 10.3 that include find my iPods, new file system, Maps, Carplay and Siri. The update is added to the more…

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iPhone 6 Bend Test The Apple Social Signal

iPhone 6 Bend Test

Does the iPhone 6 Plus bend? Unfortunately, it does under some pressure. Apple is known not to bend to whims of customers. Unfortunately, the iPhone 6 has managed to bend. It should be very interesting to see how Apple come out of this Bendgate? Leave alone a statement from them. It makes one wonder what…

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iOS8 the biggest iOS release ever

ios 8 release

  The biggest and most important update in the iOS calendar happened yesterday September 17 2014 with iOS8. It was the release of the iOS 8. The iOS 8 is now available for download from Apple. With a good speed from my ISP MTN the 1.6gb download went underway just closely under 30 minutes and…

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