13 great TV shows that nobody talks about

Eureka TV show

What 13 great TV shows that nobody talks about but were really great and took a grip but didn’t reach the mainstream memes? Well through a similar question from a subreddit Lensesview investigated and arrived at a list. Some tv shows pop up and just when they seem to be great they get canceled. Most…

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Digital Disruption Catching Up With MultiChoice DStv

Digital disruption as new behaviour and entertainment pattern emerge

Digital Disruption in Zambia taking shape affecting tv entertainment and industry. Its no longer a ‘Multichoice’ brand sticking with entertainment monopoly as new technologies have emerged. New technologies offer a multi-choice of streaming video and programming. Even here in Zambia, more options for alternate pay-TV have emerged and with further exposure, we might soon see…

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Best Sci-fi movie to watch now on Netflix in Zambia

Anon movies about technology

Watching Netflix in Zambia.  Andrew Niccol’s latest catch  “Anon,” available on Netflix and accessible in Zambia, takes a spin on the idea of “the mind’s eye,”. The movie envisions a not-too-distant future in which our first-person perspective is always on record.  What’s more interesting is that Anon says our brains are truly like computers and…

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Is Netflix available in Zambia how can you subscribe

Is Netflix available in Zambia

Is Netflix available in Zambia and where can you find it? Netflix is an Internet company with an online subscriber. It streams entertainment video service and content. It also represent one of the largest internet companies.   Currently Netflix net worth is more than $70 Billion and has a subscriber base of more than 50…

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7 Best 2017 Sci-fi movies so far released

Diana as the Wonder Woman in the sci fi movie

2017 has seen a share of several sci-fi tv series premier but the movies have had big share. Here is some best 2017 sci-fi movies which are easily accessible through Netflix, Apple TV, Dstv and several other channels meant for the Zambian market. 1. Alien Covenant        Spoiler: How can one man rather…

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