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From our web stories follow the link and learn more about these technology reviews for every Zambian. Lensesview is here to guide and help you with the latest trends, information security, system setups, and top tips.

  • DStv package prices for 2022 increased despite losing subscribers, amid customers disavows

    Between 2018 and 2022 DStv reportedly has lost about 300,000 premium subscribers and yet the entertainment corporation keeps increasing the DStv package prices.

    Package increases have gone up year in and year out despite the loss of customer base migrating from premium to other alternatives. The increases have also occurred amid a lot of customer disavows to the platform services especially here in Zambia.

    Beginning, 2022 in Zambia customer disavows and complaints to MultiChoice Zambia pricing models have gone to deaf ears. At the height of complaints especially aired on social media DStv announced its long awaited price adjustments and it was nothing than upward.

    Additionally, on September 11th Multi Choice announced engaging its subsidiary tech company Irdeto to crack down on DStv password sharing. This followed DStv early in the year limiting streaming to one device at a time. The streaming applied to all packages in Zambia and Africa.

    This DStv approach is more restrictive than compared to Netflix and some international sports entertainment platforms. Additionally the corporation also removed useful wireless screen casting, including Apple AirPlay and Google’s Chromecast.

    The Irdeto control is a very strong security system using DRM based heartbeats “It prevents any attempt to circumvent the systems’ heartbeats, enabling operators to accurately enforce content and service usage rules in real-time.” Said Mawela MultiChoice Group CEO.

    All these tighter changes and package increments to date are been enforced to ensure DStv collects for its every delivery of the services. This also means DStv is still reaping off from the entertainment industry despite the loss in the premium range.

    Against this backdrop we thought to shelf with you the current DStv Multichoice packages and pricing for Zambia as shown below in the table.

    Here are the DStv package prices for 2022;

    DStv PackageDStv Price# of ChannelsHD Channels
    DStv Premium1,100.00 Kwacha150+38
    DStv Compact Plus680.00 Kwacha135+30
    DStv Compact450.00 Kwacha120+20
    DStv Family295.00 Kwacha95+ 10
    DStv Access165.00 Kwacha75+7
    2022 DStv package prices

    DStv and GOtv Zambia Prices Increased by 13%-28% For 2021

  • Looking forward to providing Starlink service to the people of Zambia says Elon Musk

    “Looking forward to providing Starlink service to the people of Zambia” said Elon Musk after replying to this week’s tweet from Special Assistant to the President of the Republic of Zambia Jito Kayumba.

    On 19th September 2022 SpaceX members were in the country to discuss the on boarding of Starlink internet in Zambia. Lensesview report follows Jito Kayumba tweet.

    When is Starlink operational in Zambia?

    By end of July 2022 Zambia was supposed to be receiving the service but only two countries in Africa Nigeria and Mozambique had Starlink internet operations confirmed.

    Here is a timeline and updates from Lensesview about Starlink internet in Zambia as we keep updating this page

    1. SpaceX StarLink is now available in 36 countries, which countries are these
    2. StarLink is coming to Mozambique in July 2022. Will it solve the internet issues?
    3. Will Starlink in Zambia solve the rural internet?
  • My Airtel app gets a new update, a fresh new friendly look, feel, and usage

    Zambia’s My Airtel app gets a new update with a fresher new look, feel, and intuitively interactive. My Airtel app for android is among the best apps in Zambia that give meaningful usage for those on the mobile network.

    The new update of My Airtel has had its tabs or cards reordered to include a friendlier interaction that is more intuitive, eg the “Buy Bundles” & “Self Recharge” have been moved. From the home tab you can easily see the Mobile money balance without navigating to the next tab. You also get an option to hide or show the balance.

    The Quick Actions section on the Home tab can make you do quick various transactions from recharging your talktime to making mobile money payments.

    Technology review for every Zambian 1
    Updated My AIrtel App has a new interface

    Despite this update the My Airtel app cannot work without internet either from wifi nor Airtel itself. But it works when you have data switched on and set to Airtel network despite having zero data balance.

    • My Airtel also received other elements added to it and these are;
    • Added an option to “Show” or “Hide” your Airtel Money balance on the main screen for your privacy.
    • Moved Airtel Money, Airtel TV & Side Menu on the bottom navigation.
    • Access all your Airtel Money transactions on your “Airtel Money” Tab.
    • Global “Scan & Pay” is now on the home screen tool/navigation bar.

    Reviews of My Airtel App

    Here are some reviews from My Airtel users after the September 2022 update

    Harun Makandimore_vert – September 2, 2022

    Update: The app is now fast and works with other internet providers besides Airtel. This was my major gripe. It also features an almost intuitive interface. Keep it up! I retain my previous comments as a reminder not to backtrack.. — Previous review: Useless application. It refuses WiFi and internet connectivity through other providers and forces you to connect through Airtel. Also cannot do anything over slower networks. And the developers are not helping at all… I got rid of it.

    Abraham Petermore_vert – September 11, 2022

    A little better In terms in terms of stability, however under Airtel tv, the live tv section still pops right back to the home screen of Airtel tv section which makes it difficult to scroll through. A dark theme would be cool and great for the app, still haven’t seen an improvement on that. The benefit of dark mode is 1. It saves power 2. ,. It’s cool n captivative for the 4. Easy to read through, but takes too long to install on my current phone meaning, not everybody can access it.

    AnTony Ngurumore_vert – September 12, 2022

    Nice platform. Better than most.. however, the app does not go online if data is depleted. Your IT department should configure it in such a way that the app should interact with your servers regardless of whether one has bundles or not in a firewall rule.

    Kevin Ororamore_vert – September 7, 2022

    The user interface is very good, you can quickly see what you need (and even what you didn’t know you need!😂). Special offers is awesome, bought an airtime bundle just because I saw it there: the first time ever yet I’ve used the same number for almost 2 decades!

    ulmar pulavarmore_vert – September 14, 2022

    After the complaint the developer has improved the user experience. The response was very quick and effective. The app is now very fluid and efficient with no errors. It is an easy-to-use app.

    Kevin Ororamore_ver – September 7, 2022

    The user interface is very good, you can quickly see what you need (and even what you didn’t know you need!😂). Special offers is awesome, bought an airtime bundle just because I saw it there: the first time ever yet I’ve used the same number for almost 2 decades!

  • Download and read IMF country report and conditions on Zambia’s extended credit facility ECF

    This article seeks to post for downloading to the public of the IMF Zambia’s extended credit facility (ECF) which had seen months of delays and corrections in making.

    The Ministry of Finance released to the public the IMF report containing the conditions attached to the $1.3bn Extended Credit Facility(EFC)arrangement approved by the IMF board on 1st September, 2022.

    The facility seeks to restore macroeconomic stability and foster higher, more resilient and inclusive growth. An initial $185m is to be disbursed immediately after the approval of the ECF.

    It’s worthy noting that this facility is based on a home grown economic program or plan aimed at restoring debt sustainability and fiscal space which the UPND Government has already started implementing.

    Here is a prose summary of some of the conditions attached to the deal:-

    • Expansion of the social cash transfer program. This is to cushion the impact of the economic measures on the vulnerable people.
    • Increased public spending on education and health.
    • Elimination of regressive fuel subsidies. These have already been drastically reduced.
    • Enhanced agriculture or FISP program subsidy.
    • Fiscal adjustment. Prudent management of public resources.
    • Reducing inefficiency in public investments by monitoring fiscal risks especially those related to SOE.
    • Aggressive fight against corruption.