The Date is Set and Locked iPhone 6 Bigger Than You Think

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iPhone 6 Bigger Than You Think
Finally as at last week the date has been set and locked and its Apple’s invitation “we wish could say more.” they said as many made the promising countdown.
  • Android BorrowOuts
The bigger the better. That’s the theme for Android users who have gotten used to a larger size for a smartphone.
The whopping 5.5 inches for iPhone 6 will be quite large for most iPhone users. I have seen my wife struggle and a create scene so ridiculous with her 6.0″ Nokia 1320.
That a suggestion to get an earphone to add on for answering was a much-appreciated scheme. But again when she holds the smartphone the experience is flawless. It looks dramatic and posy if not Porsche. And this is currently the trend is moving toward larger screen sizes for Samsung, Nokia, Blackberry and perhaps Huawei.
The Date is Set and Locked iPhone 6 Bigger Than You Think 1
The Date is Set and Locked iPhone 6 Bigger Than You Think 2
“The iPhone 6 remains (somewhat) shrouded in mystery – but that hasn’t stopped the rumour mill from enthusiastically grinding away, and some whispers do have a ring of truth about them”
  • Pricing
Apple manages to pull off a same pricing almost everywhere. Off course there’s a secret to this success. But “both iOS devices and Macs seem to  be impervious to the discount game. In fact it’s so rare to find a significant  price variance between retailers that, when it does happen, the event usually  draws considerable press coverage.” @mtabini Marko Tabini
Traditionally the devices are expected to be priced 
16GB £549
32GB £629
64GB £709
  • Specs
Apple comes with huge specs for their gadgets far ahead of the current demand for capabilities. Here is a gist of what is expected to feature
For Apple New iPhone 6 specs see 6-amazing-features-of-new-iPhone-6-why and iPhone 6 rumors at a glance


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