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Opinion on the Social Media Indulgence and Fraud

Through social media like Facebook, Instagram and Badoo many have lost huge monies and do not in any way want to talk about it. In the times of the Postman fraudulent letters were sent through post office mail. Most of them looked so genuine it was easy for the recipient to fall victim to what followed.

Times have changed. We are now into the era of technology and its Socialites with massive presence of Facebook, Instagram, Badoo, Tumblr and many others. According a report in 2016 75% of all internet users are accounted for with social media

As much as these Facebook, Instagram have added value to our lives they have also been the stage for fraudulent activity. Here is a true life story shared for purpose to make you understand the trails of social media fraud.

It starts like this:

1. You receive a friend request from a stunning beautiful lady as can be seen on her profile picture. She is irresistible to press the DELETE button on the friend request.

2. Foolishly, you start passing suggestive comments on her fake photos with the word “DEAR” and occasionally you even on the Like button. All of a sudden, you discover all forms of love emojis that Mark Zuckerberg had put on Facebook.

3. It then takes you to the INBOX. This is where your foolishness is manifested. Her bait has worked magic and just like a spell, you discover ‘Love’.

4. Some months down the line, she has gained your trust. We now stop seeing your status update but we see you online daily like a Zombie even during awkward hours. Who the hell are you chatting with when even your likes or comments on our wall have disappeared.

5. Having spent months interacting with her, the foolishness in you begins to manifest. The front camera of your smartphone now seems to make sense. Nude selfies and videos start taking up a huge chunk of your data bundles. You think you are in LOVE.

6. After she has gotten enough images and videos of your nude self, her armoury is full now and ready to unleash Sodom and Gomorrah on your unsuspecting foolishness.

7. Just like a rogue trader at NYSE, he unleashes the claim of 1,000 Zambian Kwacha or your images and videos will be splashed all over the Internet.

NOTE: It is no longer a SHE now but a HE….same person has undergone a metamorphosis process because of your foolishness.

8. To save face and reputation, the loan officer at your bank becomes a constant feature on your phone call log. It’s either you pay him or the wrath of your wife, kids or community awaits.


NOTE: This is a case I found myself investigating after a colleague found himself in this unfortunate dilemma. He reached a stage of contemplating SUICIDE but I prevailed and all is well now.

GENTS…avoid accepting friend requests from strangers especially those with tuma irresistible beautiful pictures.


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