The importance of foundational knowledge in IT

foundational knowledge in IT is important
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To be savvy in information technology there are a few helpful tips that can handle not only a student but even those practising IT.  The importance of foundational knowledge spans across one’s career. The fundamental knowledge forms a necessary base or core, it’s of central importance, it is the stuff that a savvy will be made of.


Zambia is been flooded with technology and its a great time for a savvy to show off and contribute to a fluid IT environment.


From social media trends to gadget release to network everyday improvements.  These days devices that add value to consumers are issued at every level of organisation and business.


Also their is  great strive into API’s. From crippling viruses Zambia has also moved to be affected now by dangerous and more Underground criminals in the cyberware with threats from Ransomware and cryptowares. As developed by my friend Yeta Edgar Mutelo here are a few tips that can get you along to technology savvy.


Fundamental and Helpful tips

These key tips will help your life of career in Information Technology and computing:


  • Learn how the protocols really work, from theory to implementation, rather than how to configure them.
  • Learn how devices switch packets, and why they work this way, rather than the available bandwidth on the latest gear.
  • Learn how to design a network, rather than how to deploy vendor gear.
  • Learn how to troubleshoot a network, rather than how to issue commands and look for responses.

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