This is how to download a copy of all the data Google has on you

It is possible to download all the data Google has on you
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Do you know that every word you have ever typed in Google Search, while activity is turned on, has been stored in the Google data centers and a copy can be downloaded from Google Takeout?

And that when you download all the data Google has on you it does not mean it gets deleted.

You are merely exporting data for use somewhere else.

However, you can request or choose to delete all the data Google has on you. What data does Google keep that you can export or download as a copy?

You can export and download your data from the Google products you use, like your:

  • Email
  • Documents
  • Calendar
  • Photos
  • Question Hub
  • Reminders
  • Drive
  • YouTube videos
  • Crisis User Reports
  • Data about registration and account activity

Also when you search on Google with Web & App Activity turned on, Google saves activities like your Search history to your Google Account. And this is the data that can be accessed and exported.

How to download a copy of a part of or all the data Google has on you

Go to or link here to download center.

Select data to include in the export.

In my case, I have 50 types of data that I can export or download and amounts to more than a terabyte.

Why should you want to download your data?

Downloading a terabyte of my own data is a waste of resources especially when you leave in Zambia because of the huge cost associated with data costs. On average 1GB of data costs about 7 Kwacha that’s almost half a dollar.

This means 1000GB which is a terabyte would cost about 7 thousand kwacha with limited fluctuating download speeds. On a home-plan data package, this would take days if not months to download a terabyte of your data if you live in Zambia.

But on the option, you can choose to download specific parts of data. Say you want to move out Google documents to Microsoft or Apple. The documents can easily be exported and imported to the other end.

You also would want to check your search history then ticking the activity Activity Log is very handy.

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