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My Airtel app just got a new interface

My Airtel app gets a new update, a fresh new friendly look, feel, and usage

Zambia's My Airtel app gets a new update with a fresher new look, feel, and intuitively interactive. My Airtel app ...
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iPhone 14 expected to be launched at Apple Far Out event

Where to watch Apple’s Far Out event, what is expected to be launched

Apple host Far Out event on Wednesday 7th September 2022 at Steve Jobs Theatre in the company's headquarters at Cupertino ...
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It is possible to download all the data Google has on you

This is how to download a copy of all the data Google has on you

Do you know that every word you have ever typed in Google Search, while activity is turned on, has been ...
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Agritech start-up launches new digital farmers’ market in Zambia

Agritech start-up launches new digital farmers’ market in Zambia; Plans expansion to 5 countries and network of container farms

HRVST aims to connect consumers and restaurants directly to local farmers, increasing access to fresh produce while also expanding the ...
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You can send money to Zambia Mukuru payament services

How to send money to Zambia from outside the country using Mukuru payment services

Here is how to send money to Zambia using Mukuru payment services. Easy and faster. Are you struggling sending money ...
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FreeCodeCamps offer several certifications in IT and coding

11 Free Information Technology Certifications

Are you looking for coding certifications in information technology? If so you have come to the right page Free Information ...
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2021 top searched word

2021 top Google searches

Google every year reveals the top Google searches of words or phrases made in the particular year. However, these searches ...
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Percetage decrease formula

How to Calculate Percentage Decrease

Percent decrease is a measure of percent change, which is the extent to which something loses value. How to Calculate Percentage ...
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Wifi routers are the starting point for IT Managers in Zambia who seek to ready for work from home

Facts about TLS 1.0 and SSL

Transport Layer Security (TLS), the successor of the now-deprecated Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), is a cryptographic protocol designed to provide ...
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How to download Windows 11

How to download Windows 11 OS

It's been a week since Windows 11 was officially released (on October 5, 2021) and made available for download to ...
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