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Ulendo taxi smartphone App – Zambian smartphone App

Ulendo Taxi is an application developed by Multi Brains LLC for travel, taxi and booking around Lusaka in Zambia. 

You can use Ulendo taxi app to get an affordable ride in minutes. Instead of hailing a taxi or waiting for a bus, you can request a car with the tap of the button on the phone, and get picked up by a nearby driver who will take you to your destination right away. 


How it Works

1. Download and install the Ulendo Taxi passenger app from Playstore or App Store. Open the app and register [phone number is mandatory].

2. The app will inform you if the service is available in your current location. If the service is available indicate where you want to go and the app will track your location and pick you up.

3. A nearby driver will be dispatched you will see the driver’s picture, vehicle details and track their arrival on the map.

3. Payment can be made by Visa Credit/Debit Card or cash.


Pricing for the taxi


Shortest distance is covered at the fare of 25.00ZK Zambian Kwacha

Examples of Estimated Trips include:

  • East park Mall to Kenneth Kaunda international Airport K142.5
  • University of Zambia to Chalala woodlands K 31.7
  • Kalundu Area to Mass Media K 37.24
  • University Teaching Hospital to Northmead K 38.21
  • Manda Hill Shopping Complex to Longacres K 25


You can download the app from Here

Ulendo Taxi


Driver friendliness


Taxi Neatness


Fair Rates


Service responsiveness



  • App is free
  • Easy to use
  • App can detect the closest of your location


  • Phone number is mandatory
  • App does not download in App Store
  • When installing App fails to automatically read the SMS Code
  • App is limited to Lusaka

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