Stanbic Bank Mobile Phone Services

Stanbic Bank launches mobile phone services

Stanbic Bank Zambia launched mobile services. You can now buy airtime, pay bills, check account balance and make fund transfer just right from your mobile phone.   This facility is been around with most banks in Zambia such as Standard Chartered Bank, FNB and Barclays. Stanbic was the first bank in Zambia to allow cash […]

Facebook will hold us at Ransom

How Facebook maybe a danger now and in the future

Facebook is a social network application that was built by Mark Zuckerberg in America. It is a social platform where people can create friendship interact, form communities and share ideas through text, images and video.   How is facebook dangerous now? One fundamental thing about Facebook is that it has an audience. Facebook audience matches […]

foundational knowledge in IT is important

The importance of foundational knowledge in IT

To be savvy in information technology there are a few helpful tips that can handle not only a student but even those practising IT.  The importance of foundational knowledge spans across one’s career. The fundamental knowledge forms a necessary base or core, it’s of central importance, it is the stuff that a savvy will be […]

data gathering through surveillance

Social Credit System is about citizen conformance

What is a Social Credit System A data gathering system using comprehensive monitoring of human activity and behavioural analysis to produce a social history and offer a human social credit score. It’s gathering enough data about your citizens for a good purpose.   According to a definition at Wikipedia. The Social Credit System is a proposed Chinese government initiative for […]

sports wearables

3 Wearables At Least You Need to Know

In sports with today’s technology there are plenty of devices that can help sportsmen collect data and measure performance. Here is 3 wearables at least you need to know that are so cool with technology. Nike Hyperdunk+ For measuring total performance of athletes. Jump height, distance covered, average speed etc. Quiet cool!  Several sensors embedded in […]

iPhone 6 concept with bigger screen

Why iPhone 6 will be a Legend – An Android Look-Alike

There’s a lot more to the new iPhone than a larger display. According to Apple the new iPhone 6 Its beauty is more than screen deep. iPhone 6 feels as good as it looks. Seamless: There are no distinct edges. The cover glass curves around the sides to meet the anodized aluminum enclosure. “We are so thrilled about the performance […]