Use Google Trends For Content Discovery

Google Trend can be used to choose topics you can blog about
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Superb content creation is hard especially when you are a beginner to blogging. But as you grow and write everyday ideas will pop up so naturally and you find great content coming to the table with ease.

Today I will share with you one of the ways you can increase writing content through the use of Google Trends.

Google Trends is a website by Google that analyzes the popularity of top search queries in Google Search across various regions and languages. The website uses graphs to compare the search volume of different queries over time.

This tool is very helpful when considering what topic to blog about. It gives you an idea of what people are looking for in the search. It tells what content users want to see. It tells you what is trending currently.

Though Google Trends has its cons its is still perfect among tools that bloggers can use for content discovery. Along with Google Trends, you can also use Trending Searches and type your own words and terms.

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