BMW Common Cars in Zambia

Most Common BMW Series in Zambia in 2022

BMW 1 series first generation is observed to be the most common BMW series in Zambia.

Mercedes Benz

Why is my Mercedes Benz C Class rusting so much?

Well, the simple answer, to why my Mercedes Benz C class rusting so much, is that it is old.

Engine Oils Ford

Customer Review: When a Simple Oil Change Goes Bad at Vehicle Center Kitwe

We take our vehicles for service as recommended by the brand to continue getting the best performance of the car.

Electric Vehicles BMW Mercedes Benz Tesla

When are we having electric vehicles in Zambia

Are there any electric vehicles in Zambia? For now, there are no EVs electric vehicles driving in Zambia.

Engine Car Problems Engine Oils

Do this to your car to make your engine last every bit of its life

With the hash Zambian roads you better do this to your car to make the engine last every bit else its caput for your car in just few months of driving.


Online -where and how to buy vehicles on auction in Zambia

Where can you buy vehicles on auction in Zambia? Are there any vehicles that are bank repo or accident damaged and are on auction in Zambia?

Common Cars in Zambia

Top 10 common vehicles found in Zambia and on the road

Vehicle tips and diagnostics introduce you to the Top 10 common vehicles found in Zambia.