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Customer Review: When a Simple Oil Change Goes Bad at Vehicle Center Kitwe

We take our vehicles for service as recommended by the brand to continue getting the best performance of the car.

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This customer review of poor service at Ford Vehicle Center Kitwe was originally and recently shared on Facebook. CarTips pick it up for that value.

We take our vehicles for service as recommended by the brand to continue getting the best performance of the car but sometimes the simple service is not as smooth and goes awry to what we want. This not only happens at Vehicle Center but even with the micro or individual motor vehicle repair men.

Here is one customer review picked from Facebook about Ford Vehicle Center Kitwe. The customer Mr. Van Wick Mumba of Kitwe claims he took his Ford Ranger for an uncomplicated service and oil change.

“Last week I called the vehicle center to book my car for service and was advised that I drop the vehicle this week on a Tuesday before 08h. That was done. Just normal service of changing oil, oil filter, and air filter plus a few tightening here and there as per their service checklist.

By 16:45hrs, I had not heard nor gotten any feedback from the Ford service people and I decided to call. The lady said she was not the one who received the vehicle and said she will check and give me feedback. She never did, instead, she started ignoring my calls.

At about 17:15, I got a call from a landline for ford vehicle center and the guy informed me that my vehicle hasn’t been serviced and it will be serviced the following day meaning Wednesday.

I asked the guy to find out for me why a vehicle booked on Tuesday checked in before 08h was not serviced. He said Sir let me check and I will get back to you and that was it. Came Wednesday I only received a call after 15h saying my car is ready for collection. The car was picked up.

On Thursday in the morning on my way to work just by the Ganarton area, the engine started jerking and the Engine Cut off. I called the Kitwe vehicle center senior Mechanic and he promised to toll it and work on it. I had to hike to work.

After picking it up and working on it I was told the service was done accordingly on Wednesday and the finding from the investigation was that injector number 3 was not firing due to water ingress during engine wash after servicing it. Surely who does that? The vehicle was released and was told the injector issue has been resolved.

Interestingly enough today just after work I tried to start the Ford Ranger and the engine is still jerking and the dashboard symbols are on. Surely i vehicle that required normal service by the so-called experts can’t be used all because of poor workmanship at Ford Vehicle Center Kitwe. I have just made the call to a senior man and now he is saying probably the water didn’t drain fully and he will arrange to come and look at it tomorrow.

bantu bakwa Lesa surely is this the best they can offer? Is this quality service?
Am so disappointed with Ford Vehicle Center and the entire Service. Such a team needs to be replaced otherwise they risk killing the brand.

I am looking forward to them showing up and doing a better job tomorrow.
Dissatisfied and disappointed Customer for Ford
Van Wyk Mumba”

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