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Do this to your car to make your engine last every bit of its life

With the hash Zambian roads you better do this to your car to make the engine last every bit else its caput for your car in just few months of driving.

With the harsh Zambian roads, you better do this to your car to make the engine last every bit else it’s caput for your car in just a few months of driving.

Zambian roads are extremely harsh characterized by mad, dust, and massive potholes that your car gets pummeled every minute it hits the road.

These extreme hard conditions will definitely not make your car engine last unless you pay attention to it. And the big problem is that this sometimes may be costly or easily standard.

So here are some ways to minimize that cost going up and do this to your car to make your engine last every bit:

Look Out for Leaks!

Do regular inspections of your engine bay to look for leaks. Look for coolant and engine oil leaks. A coolant leak will hinder engine performance by making it run hot.

Oil leaks will also hinder and break engine components. The reduced oil in the engine from the leaks will reduce the running performance of the parts inside the engine.

These two will collapse your car engine to a catastrophic failure in a short time. So always look out for the engine oil and coolant leaks and seal them immediately.

Do this to your car and you won’t regret it.

Check the Breather Pipes and Hoses

Next check your engine breather pipes, hoses, and also the mountings. This is very important. Sealed engine pipes and hoses not only allow for superb performance but also allows for the engine to breathe optimally prolonging its life.

A smooth running engine will last longer compared to one running rough. Motor or engine mounts help to place the car engine in one place rather than vibrating all over.

Check Exhaust System for Clogging

Thirdly you must regularly check your exhaust system. Ensure your exhaust system is not clogged and builds pressure which can get back to the engine.

A clogged catalytic converter keeps exhaust gases in your car, causing the engine to stall from increased exhaust pressure.

Change Fuel Filter, Air Filter, Oil Filter, Engine Oil, and Spark Plugs

Look Out for cleaner ingredients that make the motor run. That ensures a clean air filter, regularly changing the oil filter. Also, ensure the correct pressure is getting into the combustion chamber.

This also means the pressurized fuel must be ignited by sufficient sparks from the plugs.

Make sure the fuel injector body is not broken, O-rings are not finished or cracked, and leaks excessively flooding fuel into the chamber. Fuel mixing with oil leads to oil thinning, which can lead to catastrophic engine failure.

Keep on doing this to your car to make the engine last every bit and the vehicle in turn will serve you every bit.

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