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Popular car brands driving on Zambian roads and their origin countries

Toyota marks the best ever popular car brand trending in Zambia and Ichipaso (Toyota Hilux) is by far the most prized van in Zambia.

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This page contains 22 popular car brands that can be found driving on Zambian roads. It also lists the car brands’ countries of origin. Some car brands are very famous in Zambia though non are seen driving on the roads. They are famed because everyone talks about them following the influences of the media.

Here at CarTips of the top popular brands we chose the Peugeot 504. This car at some point was the best French car model running in Zambia. Peugeot 504 (known as zhuula for its speed and mukango for its reliability) was once the gem of the reliable cars on the Zambian roads.

It was known for its fast pick up, reliability and strong among other things

Popular car brands driving on Zambian roads

SerialCar BrandCountryComment
1ToyotaJapanMost common vehicle ever driving on Zambian roads. Toyota Mark X currently is the most sold model with the Belta having replaced Toyota Corolla and Altezza. Ichipaso (Toyota Hilux) is by far the most prized van in Zambia.
2BugattiFranceNot so many on the Zambian roads but the fame of the brand is very well known and only remains been spotted in the capital city Lusaka.
3Mercedes BenzGermanyThe C and E class has been the most driving on the roads. The C class is the Corolla of the Mercedes in Zambia, especially the W203 2000-2007 model. Mercedes Benz ML is also a pleasure around.
4LamborghiniItalySame category as Bugatti very well known but almost non-driving on the roads
5FordUnited States Of AmericaFord Ranger van is the most seen on the roads with Ford Focus and Escape. SUV Ford Explorer is often a showcase on the roads.
6BentleyBritainExtremely very few on the roads but the brand is known in people’s tongues and wishes.
7VolvoSwedenA couple of these regularly drive on the road firmed for stability and quality
8LexusJapanPlenty of these can be seen on the Zambian roads. Not the famed American Lexus but GX is found as well as the LS and the 1998 RX 300, the first Lexus crossover SUV
9BMWGermanyJust like Mercedes Benz, this German machine is most famed on the Zambian roads. The BMW 1 series is a big choice but the 318i E46 sedan version is the most popular in Zambia
10TeslaUnited States Of AmericaWell known but non are known to exist on the Zambian roads
11JaguarBritainJaguars have been spotted in numbers on the Copperbelt and Lusaka province
12AudiGermanyOnce famed this model has been on the decline on Zambian roads due to its unreliability
ContinuedPopular car Brands driving on Zambian roads
13NissanJapanThis car is an everyday drive in every province of Zambia. Nissan Murano is very known as much as Elgrand and Nissan X Trail
14Land RoverBritainLand Rover is iconic in Zambia tracing it existence to the colonial days.
15Rolls RoyceBritainNot known to exist on our roads but the brand sits well with many Zambian motorists’
16Alfa RomeoItalyAlfa Romeo’s poor design and unreliability have made this compact car unpopular
17FiatItalyOnce so famous in the ’80s this vehicle I nowhere to be seen on the Zambian roads. I guess it is the same ghost of Alfa Romeo
18MitsubishiJapanVery well known especially the Canter and the Montero. Lancer is also popular with Mirage
19HondaJapanPlenty of Hondas are found especially the Honda Civic and Honda CR-V. Honda Odyssey tried but fell out of favor for Passport and Accord
20HyundaiSouth KoreaA few of these brands are often spotted on the Zed roads. A Nissan Tucson is famous as much as Elantra used to be famous in the 90s with the Sonata.
21MazdaJapaneseMazda Bongo, Mazda Demio are one of the cheapest Mazdas everyone can afford in Zambia. On the higher end, the R8 and Mazda 3 Axela are quite common with the R8 rotary engine losing popularity.
22PeugeotFranceThe best French vehicles running in Zambia. Peugeot 504 (known as zhuula for its speed and mukango for its reliability) was once the gem of the reliable cars on the roads
NoCar BrandCountryComment

So there you have it. These are the most popular brands of vehicles on Zambian roads and if you feel we have misrepresented respectfully drop a correction in the comment

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