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Useful ideas and tips that will make your car live longer on Zambian Roads

Lensesview CarTips will here help with useful ideas and tips that will make your car live longer on Zambian roads

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Here are some useful ideas and tips that will make your car live longer especially when you look at the state of the Zambian roads. It is every motorist’s worry after spending a fortune to acquire a new car and only to drive it on the dirty bumpy roads every other single day.

The cars we drive say a lot about us 

Well, being a car owner is a thing of great value. If someone has a car it defiantly shows their hard work and consistency. And if you succeed in maintaining your car’s health for a long time it shows your love for it. This is a great indication of loyal people.  

Now if you want to maintain a good reputation as a loyal and caring person take care of your valuable items. Here we have listed some great tips and ideas to make your car live longer. 

1. Car insurance 

My teacher told me that  

Hope for good but get ready for the worst situation too. 

The same goes for a car, so whenever you purchase something of great value don’t forget its insurance. If you had an insured car you can ride it more confidently and hence your journey becomes a source of pleasure for you. 

2. Follow traffic rules  

Following traffic rules is not only good for your car’s health but it is much more important for the people inside it. Rules are made to keep you safe and sound to live a happy life with your loved ones. Mostly young people avoid these rules considering that it’s cool to be a bad guy but they forget about those whose eyes are waiting to see them.  

3. Regular service  

Everything needs a little bit of trimming to be more adorable. Even though human being also needs service from their parents (lol). Have you ever heard; 

“I don’t wash my clothes to keep them clean and smell-free.” 

Obviously not!  

The same is for a car, you have to keep it neat and clean to look more iconic. For this purpose, you can make a simple checklist with service options as advised by car maintenance gurus.

4. Regularly change the oil  

As humans change their toothbrushes after 3 months, it is also necessary to the oil of your car.  This oil change contains these two mainly. 

∙ Engine oil change  

∙ Brakes oil change 

It’s essential for the proper functioning of a car that its oil is enough and clean to allow all moving parts to work properly.  

5. Always check tire pressure 

If you own a car, then add this point to your habit to check the pressure of tires before riding.  Believe me, it will give you more confidence while going on a long journey. Also, get proper pressure if you need it don’t delay.  

6. Air filters must be in good condition 

As humans have an immune system so cars have air filters that block dust and other particles to damage cars. But due to passage of time they get blocked and hence the performance of cars also gets down. It also affects the mileage of a car. So keep them in good working condition.  

7. Good battery health  

A car is nothing without a battery. It gives the necessary current to it for starting the engine. What if the first and most important part is not ok? Do you imagine a worth remembering ride?  Absolutely not! So grab a good battery and take care of its health.  

8. Avoid parking in direct sun 

Well, who loves to sand in direct sun for 8 hours?  

Latterly no one.  

Then how could you park your car there? 

Direct sunlight damages your car’s paint and engine too. It makes it more heated up and this thing causes a lot of damage to your car. Always prefer shady parking or under a tree if available. 

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9. Give attention to warning lights  

Every car shows you some indications of when any of its parts are going to be damaged. Just like a  simple fuel running out indication. You should give attention to it and never go for a long ride with a damaged car or having some issues.  

10. Clean windshield  

If you can’t see clearly how could you drive perfectly? The main and important part of a car is its glass though which we saw road next to us. A properly functioning windshield not only helps you drive effectively but also helps to look clean and well managed.  

11. Follow the user manual  

Most of the appliances come along with their user manuals these are just like the anatomy of that thing. If you follow those instructions, you will get a long-lasting and enjoyable period with that item.  

12. Carry a basic toolkit  

As in the beginning, I told that be ready for the worst thing so here’s the ending with the same point. Always keep a toolkit and also get knowledge about that. You should be able to do some small tasks for your car just like tire changing. This thing will save you time and you will never feel helpless in any situation.  

Bonus tips that will make your car live longer

We have given you the essential knowledge, ideas and tips that can make your car happy and live long-lasting, but here is the bonus trick that makes any person smile and happy once they get into your car –

simple decors, clean seats, and fresh air with a nice music system enhance the car’s interior presence and complies riders to take care of the ride.

Yes, take care of the interior environment.

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