Velocity Zamtel Internet bring down data prices

Zamtel Internet bundles velocity
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Battles for bundles in Zambia has gone further with the introduction of a new package called velocity powered by Zamtel.

This Zamtel revelation comes in the shadow of HAI just a fortnight announcement to the changes in the pricing of there data bundles.

MTN and Airtel must be brewing something as the new pricing from HAI and Zamtel are very attractive and cheaper to the Zambian technology users.

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Velocity offers bundle packages like Unlimited Volume a type of bundle that are capped at 3mbps maximum but allows you to unlimited downloads and video streaming for 30 days. Only 349 Zambian kwacha gets you started with Unlimited Volume.

The cherry on top is the 20mbps speeds priced at 1,650 kwacha. This package is ideal for both home and work where several computers can connect without significantly affecting the speed.

Also, video streaming at 4K is made possible with the velocity of 20mbps Zamtel internet.

On the unlimited speed package, a 6GB worth of data is priced at 100 kwacha with social buttons, such as Pinterest, Wikipedia, Facebook and Twitter, fully accessible.

And 100GB at 900 kwacha in addition to the social buttons gets you Netflix and YouTube or a total of 9 popular social media access

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