Weird Windows Update 17631.1002.rs_onecore_ens.180320-1822 Gets You Microsoft Launcher

Windows 10 2018 Update
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Though known for its failure to update and weird name for a Windows update the August 2018 update is actually an insider release. It will refresh your Windows with some new features. Among them is the Microsoft Launcher that works on Android. Timeline takes you back to a point you were working on in time. 
Microsoft Launcher formerly Arrow Launcher was released in October 2015 and two years later was published to Google Play Store on 5th October  2017. “Its purpose is to supply a user-centric basis for Windows and Office-themed applications via a Microsoft account.
Microsoft Launcher allows you to bring the Microsoft experience to your android phone.
Open the Google Play Store app on your Android phone, then type Microsoft Launcher in the search box and install it. Once installed, you can get beautiful Bing wallpapers that refresh daily, sync your Office docs and calendar, and more.
Get back to something you were doing recently by finding it in your timeline.
To open your timeline, select Task View on the taskbar, or press Windows logo key  + Tab. Scroll down until you find the thing you want to return to, and then click it to pick up right where you left off.
Picture sharing with nearby devices
Open Photos and select the picture you want to share. Select Share, then select the PC you want to share it to. On the other PC, select Save & Open when the notification appears.
Focus Assist will help you stay focused
Hide distractions while you work. Turn on focus assist to send notifications directly to action center. Select action center  on the taskbar > focus assist.

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