What is Google App Engine

Google App engine
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What is Google App Engine? What does it do? Where can you get the service from?

App Engine allows you to worry about coding your application and take advantage of the resources the application will run on because App Engine will do that for you.

In Google Cloud technology, there are two common products that provide the compute infrastructure for applications that is Compute Engine and Kubernetes Engine

What these two have in common is that you choose the infrastructure in which your application runs.

Actually many people when they talk of cloud computing they are biased to only the virtualization of computing machines to run an OS.

But what if you don’t want to focus on the infrastructure at all? And you just want to focus on your code. That’s what App Engine is for. 

To understand App Engine let’s start with PaaS. Simply PaaS is a platform as a service. The App Engine platform manages the hardware and networking infrastructure required to run your code. 

To deploy an application on App Engine, you just hand App Engine your code and the App Engine service takes care of the rest. Brilliant right?

The best part of App Engine is that it provides you with a built-in services that many and everyday web applications need. 

  • NoSQL databases,
  • in-memory caching, 
  • load balancing,
  • health checks, 
  • logging and
  • a way to authenticate users. 

You code your application to take advantage of these services and App Engine provides them. App Engine will scale your application automatically in response to the amount of traffic it receives. 

So you only pay for those resources you use. There are no servers for you to provision or maintain. That’s why App Engine is especially suited for applications where the workload is highly variable or unpredictable like web applications and mobile backend. 

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