What Is Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams
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Microsoft Teams is a chat-based collaboration that helps business chat way forward with teams or groups decided by departments and work relationships. Teams combines instant messaging, video conferencing, calling, and document collaboration into a single integrated app – and enables exciting new ways of working

As you may be aware Teams replaces Skype for Business Online as Microsoft’s professional online meeting solution.

Standing point of Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams offers the persistent work chat and video consolidated into one single place. The following two maybe summed up for reasons businesses should adopt Teams.

1. Communicate more effectively

   With Teams you get your team on the same page with group chat, online meetings, calling, and web conferencing.

2. Work Better Together

    Collaborate on files with built-in Office 365 apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and SharePoint.

Teams come as an App available on Linux, iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows PC and require you to be online for it to function effectively.

Communication security is based on the solid security foundation of Office 365 and Microsoft emails. Teams use a single sign-on to all business apps and services. This means once logged into the company emails you are logged into Teams.

Teams has met resistance in its adoption simply because most Zambian business don’t know it exists. For you know and work with Teams is to just simply jump into the business app.

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