What is MTN Prestige Bundles

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MTN Prestige Bundles are a selected package of voice and data bundles offered by the MTN Spaka Bundles. The prestige bundles are accessed by dialing *211# and choosing option 1.

Additional offers from the MTN Spaka Bundles include Hybrid Spaka and Roaming – International. Prestige Bundles offer begins at 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months.

It is worth noting that the Prestige Bundles target high-end data and not voice users. You get more data bundles than talk time. The offer is still incredible as still, you get pretty decent voice minutes across all networks.

Prestige 1 Month

  1. K300 gives you 150 Allnet min +20GB of data and 300 SMS
  2. At K450 you get 250 Allnet minutes + 35GB data and 300 worth of SMS
  3. Offered at K550 you win 325minutes across the network and +45GB data with endless SMS.
  4. As the highest offer at 750 Kwacha you 450 all network minutes and +70GB browsing data bundles.

Prestige 3 Months

  1. Starting at 800 Kwacha for 500 minutes and 60 GB with hundreds of SMS for all networks.
  2. 1200 Kwacha for 700 minutes and whopping 105GB of data bundles and 900 SMS.
  3. 1450 gets you 800 minutes and 135GB of data and +900 SMS to use across all networks.
  4. Highest option at 2000 Kwacha gets you 1100 minutes and 200GB of data with the sealing of +900 SMS

Prestige 6 Months

  1. Starting at 1500 Zambian Kwacha you get 1000 minutes for all networks and 120GB data and an additional 1800 SMS.
  2. At 2300 Kwacha you get 1400 minutes, 210GB of data, and of course more than 1800 SMS.
  3. Costing 2800 Kwacha you are offered 1650 minutes, a further 270GB data, and +1800 SMS.
  4. The most priced data at 6 months is 3800 kwacha giving you 2200 minutes, 400GB of data and +1800 SMS

Prestige 12 Months

Prestige 12 months starts at

  1. 3000 for 2000 minutes and 240GB of data with an increased amount of SMS in excess of 3600.
  2. At 4600 Kwacha you get 2800 minutes for use across Zamtel and Airtel with 420GB of data and +3600 SMS
  3. at 5600 Kwacha offers stands at 330 all network minutes, +540GB of data and +3600 SMS.
  4. The most prized offer in this package is at 7650 Kwacha for 4400 all network minutes, +800GB of data and +3600 AllNet SMS.

Roaming and International

For roaming and international the Prestige Bundles stand at

  1. MTN WhatsApp Roam Bundles
  2. Purchase Discounted and Roaming
  3. Spaka International Call Bundles
  4. Welcome to China Calling and Data Bundles

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