What is the ZIP Code for Zambia?

What is the zip code for Zambia?
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If you are asking what is the ZIP Code for Zambia then you are at the right place and not alone?

Zambia has no ZIP code. Though there was a point the country was developing one proposal which is a zip code of 10101 this didn’t come to fruition.

So if you are asked online to fill a form just put 00000 or any random numbers. For faster postal deliveries use the name ZAMBIA in caps. But sometimes it won’t work no matter how many random numbers you try.

In that case fill in the other correct details like name, city, company, street and then choose the closet country like South Africa and put the ZIP code for South Africa. If you don’t know it then use any 5 random numbers.

ZIP Codes are postal codes introduced in 1963 exclusively for use in the United States, and the basic format consists of five digits. The term ZIP Code (as an acronym for Zone Improvement Plan).

To find out the postal code of Zambia or any other in the world go here and check.

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