What is Wolfram Alpha? Can you use it in Zambia?

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What is Wolfram Alpha? Wolfram Alpha, launched in 2009, is the best computational knowledge search engine. What separates Wolfram Alpha is that this search engine does not give a list of documents or web pages as search results but instead computes the input for a result.

E.g, when you input Zambia as a query for a country, the results obtained are amazing and very interesting like total road length, internet usage percentage, number of students against teachers and so many. Since opening my account in early 2009 I have fallen in love with the amazing

What is Wolfram Alpha? Can you use it in Zambia? 1
My Wolfram Account dating to 2009

Wolfram Alpha is readily available for use when you are in Zambia and is amazingly beneficial for students, teachers and knowledge seekers.

Results are based on facts & data about that query. Wolfram Alpha’s mission statement is to make all systematic knowledge computable and broadly accessible.

Compute expert-level answers using Wolfram’s breakthrough
algorithms, knowledgebase and AI technology

The search engine compute query are categorised on the following


Encompassed within the mathematics query are step-by-step solutions, elementary math, algebra, plotting and graphics, calculus and analysis, geometry, differential equations, statistics, and many more.

Science and Technology

In science and technology are units and measure, physics, chemistry, engineering, computational sciences, earth sciences, materials, transportation, and many more topics.

Society and Culture

For society and culture,
we have a section called people, arts and media, dates and time, words and linguistics, money and finance, food and nutrition, political geography, history, and other topics related

Everyday Life

Under everyday life are personal health, personal finance, surprises, entertainment, household sciences, household math, hobbies, today’s world

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