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Why iPhone 7 Product Red is not Popular in Zambia

iPhone 7 Product Red Special Edition was introduced by Apple of California in March 2017.  Despite that every purchase of iPhone 7 Product Red contributes to the Global Fund to fight HIV/AIDS the phone itself has not sold out much in Zambia. Apart from the iStore in Lusaka no other outlet including Mobile City and the major Mobile Phone providers MTN and Airtel have stocked the smartphone.

Speaking lightly on the surface i think Apple messed up the iPhone 7 Product Red with the device color. It came with the front of the phone in white color. The Red at the back falling into white front just can't cut it for most Zambians especially that Apple product buyers have to cash in on the expensive product. Simply its an ugly iPhone to spend all that money on.

The iPhone is Red but its really Crimson. So white on the deep red (Crimson) is a terrible combination. Their is also no much buzz about the iPhone 7 Product Red. Social media buzz draws attention and technology users get eventually to investigate and want to see what is the fuss.

iPhone 7 Product Red Quick Specs

Price = $789 USD more than 8000 Zambian Kwacha

Storage = 128 and 256 GB

Camera = 12MP wide-angle and telephoto camera

Security = Touch ID fingerprint sensor

Though on iPhone 8 Product Red Special Edition Apple made some changes, improvement and instead gave the option of black front and red everywhere. iPhone 8 & 8 Plus Product Red was introduced in April 2018.

iPhone 7 Product Red

8,000.00 ZMW



Feel and Look




Ease of Use





  • Apple iOS
  • Sleek and Slim
  • Battery Last longer
  • Superb Performance
  • Superb Camera


  • Color Red with White
  • Expensive

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