Why is Microsoft ditching Windows Phone

Microsoft ditched Windows phone
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Microsoft appears to have given up on Windows Phone. According to a twitter post by Joe Belfiore. Microsoft will no longer develop new features including no new hardware for the Windows Phone and the reason is it wasn’t Microsoft focus.


When the first Microsoft Windows Phone 7 was introduced in 2012 it felt like it was set to differentiate itself from the mobile OS rulers of the time Android and iOS. But while it succeeded in increasing Microsoft’s presence in the smartphone world it struggled to truly compete.


So what what will happen to vast numbers of people using Windows phones.

Windows phone ditched

Microsoft will no longer add any more features or hardware to the Windows Phone

In Zambia several users acquired the Microsoft and Lumia Phones. Windows Phone was a decent gadget with low budget priced. Most Lumia’s i had used though low end had a better screen size.

  • Big, bright screen
  • Long-lasting battery

The only problem was the internal memory. The touch screen too was not so sensitive and sometimes you had to press harder or several times to achieve a request.

and here is the big oneĀ the damn phone kept crashing. No wonder they have felt to keep up fixing the bugs.

Needle in the sack – some Windows user insight from tweets




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