Why Portable Mobile Wifi Routers are Hot Cake in Zambia

Huawei Portable Mobile Wifi
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Have you ever wondered Why Portable Mobile Wifi Routers are Hot Cake in Zambia? Portable or Mobile wifi is the device that offer the most cheapest type of internet in Zambia. Hence the first choice of internet for the large number of users.  At Vodafone a 95 Kwacha will get me 8 worth of data and at MTN a 100 kwacha would push my dasta to more than 10GB.


All Zambian Mobile providers including Airtel and Zamtel have now fantastic bonuses that push these data schemes to be cheaper


How do you know you are using a portable mobile wifi router?

Simplest answer is you will know if you are using any type of internet through use of a SIM card either in a phone, a Mi-Fi or fixed Wifi Router. These devices are provided by MTN, Vodafone, Airtel, Zamtel and now even Hai has a router of some kind with a SIM inside.

A typical portable mobile wifi router has a Sim Card Subscriber Identity Module at its heart of operation. The SIM transmit the signal between the router and the nearby GSM/LTE tower. And presently the devices are 4G or LTE capable and offers great speeds for internet browsing, video streaming and downloads. Most devices on the Zambian market are manufactured by Huawei and ZTE.

But the Mobile Wifi also include a handset mobile device like a phone. With data turned on the Hotspot functionality in the mobile phone device become powerful to offer internet to the surrounding devices that can receive the wifi. Though the Hotspot created from mobile phone has its downwards.

  • The phone battery runs out quick
  • Often the data signal is poor and cannot be compared to a Fixed Router like some recent Huawei’s


But when you are on the GO your Mobile Phone handset or the Tablet and has Data SIM enabled that will surely connect you to the internet.  And will be the mode to use for access to internet.

Why the portable mobile wifi routers must play key role in our data scheme

In Zambia mobile Data is virtually available in every major city and town where phone signal reception is decent. This presses the importance of reliable internet reception in the country through portable wifi .

It also calls for manufacture of stronger devices to accommodate this need. The devices also must be cheaper and affordable for all. What remain is the price drop for these gadgets though here again there’s been a remarkable feat. The router such as below used to fetch close to 500 kwacha with a 10GB bundle now goes for 250 kwacha.

Huawei portable mobile wifi router

A Huawei battery charged portable mobile wifi router


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