Why you should not buy Zamtel Velocity 20mbps

A Huawei router offering Zamtel Velocity 20mbps
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Zamtel velocity 20mbps offers unlimited downloads and streaming for a period of 30 days and is priced at K1,650. This is the highest and most expensive offered on the velocity unlimited volume package.

The other bundles on velocity unlimited volume start at 3mbps recently priced at 450 Kwacha from the 350 Kwacha.

The second bundle package which also offers unlimited downloads and streaming is 5mbps priced at 650 Kwacha.

But here is why you should not buy Zamtel velocity 20mbps? It’s very simple. You won’t get the speed of up to 20mbps. Instead, you will hover around 10mbps. This is due to some upgrades that Zamtel is quietly doing to improve the package.

“I advise you to get 10mbps because we are doing some maintenance to the 20mbps,” A Zamtel support team told me when I visited the Kitwe Service center along Kantanta street in Nkana East.

After this discovery, I was alerted to this issue and begun to see why the Zamtel 3mbps connection could constantly be lost and the poor performance of speeds especially for the month of April 2021. Whether this 20mbps issue is connected to the slow speeds experienced on the other packages I can’t fully say.

This problem also follows the 15mbps offer. However the 10mbps is sufficient for most small network internet connections and is very well priced at 800 Kwacha valid for 30 days with velocity unlimited downloads and streaming.

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