Yes Instagram Accounts Hacked Says Mashable

instagram accounts hacked
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Yes Instagram Accounts Hacked Says Mashable. According to a Mashable article a number of Instagram users reported some bizarre Instagram activity. 

Krista, an Instagram user with a large number of followers reported been logged out. Her handle changed, her telephone number also changed and the associated email account ended in .ru

Mashable reported a number of Instagram users who took to them and complained of the same hack . The Mashable article has not mentioned what exactly is happening. And how the Instagram accounts are getting hacked.

Reddit last week confirmed how their community platform was hacked. Reddit’s 2FA (two factor authentication) system was intercepted and a third party was able to access some back-end database that contained user information. 

Instagram implements a 2FA system that uses text-based SMS. Most certainly the Reddit hack showed that hackers can easily hijack the SIM and read the SMS content. 


What To Do About Instagram Hack

Zambians have joined a billion people all over the world who use Instagram for thousands of posts done everyday. Posts containing artist images promoting their brands, corporate accounts marketing their services and reaching out to their customer base.

Any interruption to the Instagram Account causes a loss of time and resources.  Emphasizing recovering Instagram account when the associated email id has been changed is quiet difficulty. So prevention is better to remain secure.

Expert advise is for Instagram users to change their passwords to something very strong that cant be guessed so easily.

Also enable the 2FA system and be alert to any changes you are alerted like a disabled 2FA. Instagram is working on improving the 2FA to equal that of its cousin Facebook. Facebook provide further layers of 2FA other than just relying on text-based.

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