You Can Now Install Sophos XG Firewall On Virtual Machines

You Can Now Install Sophos XG Firewall On Virtual Machines
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Sophos Firewall XG installation is supported on virtual machines such as Windows Hyper-V, Microsoft Azure and VMware. Sophos Firewall XG is a network security solution that can be installed as a device on-premise or in the cloud.

Sophos XG business services may require purchasing a device or like the home solution turning an ordinary compatible pc obtain the license and make it into the network firewall.

Sophos XG Firewall is the next-generation firewall that has evolved through time. According to most users including me its the world’s best visibility, protection, and response, powered by deep learning and Synchronized Security.

I was first introduced to the firewall through Cyberoam physical device before it was bought off by Sophos. I was impressed by the network visibility, protection, filtering and IPS the device gave. And all was at a small yearly subscription.

5 years later even though now my practicing licensing has expired I have followed the progress of the Sophos Firewall. With Cloud-based services prevalent these days Sophos Firewall offers far greater solutions.

You Can Now Install Sophos XG Firewall On Virtual Machines 1
Sophos XG Firewall dashboard showing network visibility

There are several other Network Security Solutions that work best for home and business such as Cisco Meraki MX64W, CheckPoint, Firewalla, Microtik and so many. From my experience, Sophos comes in handy than all these for the Zambian technology environment.

XG Firewall includes all the modular next-gen firewall protection you need and features you will hardly get anywhere else. Home-based security solutions come free with Sophos Home Firewall which integrates with Home Endpoint Security.

More importantly, now, the XG can be installed on virtual machines that include Microsoft Azure, VMware, Windows Hyper-V, KVM and Citrix XenApp and will offer complete solutions with the following capabilities;

Next-Gen Firewall

Synchronized Security

Web Application Firewall

Web and App Control



Virtual Installers

The Sophos Firewall OS virtual installers are not that difficult and only requires an intermediate skill. Of course, knowledge of the virtual machines and the cloud is required.

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