You Can Now Shop Online With MTN Virtual MoMo Visa Card

MTN MoMo can allow you to shop online through VISA
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You can now shop online with a Virtual MoMo Visa card. Virtual MoMo card is one of the MTN Mobile Money system ability. The provision has been there for sometime but was not functional.

The Virtual MoMo Visa Card will function just like any other VISA card for purchases done online e.g paying school fees, shopping on eBay and buying Zambian music online.

According to MTN Social media post the MoMo platform is now enabled for Visa transaction. A quick confirmation by Lensesview however showed you have to be “Whitelisted” in order to get the service.


Head to you handset to activate MTN Virtual MoMo Visa card service by the procedure

 1: Dial *303# 
 2: Select option 6 Banking services 
 3: Select option 2 Mobile Money Virtual Card 
4: Select Option 1 Create Virtual Card 
 5: The system will send two SMS. The first SMS will contain 14 digits for your card number and the second SMS will contain the last 4 digits of the card number, the CVV number and the expiry date. 
6: Log on any online platform that allows you to purchase goods and services online using VISA card. Order your goods and check out. Select VISA as a payment channel. Enter the 16 digit card number, CVV number and expiry date and you are good to go

Patumba Digital Investment

MTN Zambia is offloading a number of services into the Zambian market in line with technology trend. Through the #MoMoTwaSolva slogan just last week Hobbiton announced partnership with MTN with the Patumba investment fund. At the same time MTN had gone ahead to equip its customers with Paying NAPSA contributions through MoMo its Mobile Money.

Also you can play Zambian Loto using MoMo

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  1. Joseph beya on 22/11/2018 at 8:57 pm

    I bought something on ebay but i sent it back and they sent me my money back but its not yet showing in my account

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