Zambia Immigration Fees for Visa and Work Permit

Zambia Immigration fees can be found on the department's web Zamportal
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Are you looking for a Visa entry or work permit or any other permit into Zambia? Here are the full Zambia Immigration fees for Visa and Work Permit.

The application and processing of either Zambian Visa or Work Permit is subtly easy as the government of Zambia has set up a portal where this can be done from wherever you are in the world.

The website came successfully online last year 2020 as part of the efforts the Zambian government is doing toward digitization of its departments into a single portal Zam Services.

Zambia Immigration is only part of such a huge endeavor ( that includes other government ministries and departments such as Police Service and Forestry.

The Zambia Department of Immigration is responsible for facilitating and regulating the entry and exit of persons into Zambia. Also, the department is mandated to control the stay of immigrants and visitors in the country in order to contribute to internal security and sustainable socio-economic development.

Zambia Immigration Visa Fees

#Type Of ServiceStatutory FeeAdmin feeTotal Amount
2Transit entry500.5550.55
3Day Tripper200.2220.22
4Multiple Entry1501.65151.65
5Double Entry800.8880.88
6Single Entry500.5550.55

Zambia Immigration Permit Fees

SerialType Of ServiceStatutory FeeAdmin FeeTotal Amount
1Visiting Permit Duplicate5,000505,050.00
2Visiting Permit Renewal7,500757,575.00
3Transit Permit Duplicate9,000909,090.00
4Transit Permit Renewal11,250112.511,362.50
5Transit Permit Issuance9,000909,090.00
6Temporary Permit Duplicate18,00018018,180.00
7Temporary Permit Renewal15,750157.515,907.50
8Temporary Permit Issuance18,00018018,180.00
9Temporary Employment Permit Variation15,750157.515,907.50
10Temporary Employment Permit Duplicate15,750157.515,907.50
11Temporary Employment Permit Renewal15,750157.515,907.50
12Temporary Employment Permit Issuance13,50013513,635.00
13Study Permit Variation6,75067.56,817.50
12Study Permit Duplicate6,75067.56,817.50
13Study Permit Renewal9,000909,090.00
14Study Permit Issuance6,75067.56,817.50
15Spouse Permit Duplicate2,25022.52,272.50
16Spouse Permit Variation2,25022.52,272.50
15Spouse Permit Renewal4,500454,545.00
16Spouse Permit Issuance2,25022.52,272.50
17Residence Permit Variation by Change of address1,500151,515.00
18Residence Permit Variation by
Addition of new business name
19Residence Permit Variation by
Change of occupation or employer
20Residence Permit Variation by Change of nationality
or name or inclusion of names
21Residence Permit Variation by Inclusion of spouse or child3,75037.53,787.50
22Residence Permit Duplicate/Replacement15,00015015,150.00
23Residence Permit Issuance15,00015015,150.00
24Investor’s Permit Variation by Change of address1,500151,515.00
25Investor’s Permit Variation by Inclusion of another
company or business name
26Investor’s Permit Variation by Change of nationality,
name or nature of business
27Investor’s Permit Variation by
Addition of spouse or child
28Investor’s Permit Duplicate12,00012012,120.00
29Investor’s Permit Issuance12,00012012,120.00
30Employment Permit Variation by Change of address1,500151,515.00
31Employment Permit Variation by
Change of nationality
32Employment Permit Variation by Change of employer9,000909,090.00
33Employment Permit Variation by
Addition of names of spouse or child
34Employment Permit Variation by
Change of occupation
35Employment Permit Duplicate18,00018018,180.00
36Employment Permit Renewal21,00021021,210.00
37Employment Permit Issuance18,00018018,180.00
38Diplomatic Permit DuplicateGratisGratisGratis
39Diplomatic Permit RenewalGratisGratisGratis
40Diplomatic Permit IssuanceGratisGratisGratis
41Cross Border Permit Duplicate4,500454,545.00
42Cross Border Permit Renewal6,75067.56,817.50
43Cross Border Permit Issuance4,500454,545.00
44Border Pass Issuance30.033.03

Side Note:

Residents Info

If you want to move to Zambia, and you are not a Zambian citizen, you will need to get an Immigration Permit.

The type of permit that is appropriate for you depends on your intended length and purpose of stay in Zambia.

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