Zambian government opinion on Netflix tax

Netflix Tax in Zambia
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Zambia’s foremost leader opposition Hakainde Hichilema and the minister of Information and Chief Government spokesperson Hon. Dora Siliya twitter exchanges revealed government opinion on Netflix tax.

A while ago government proposed taxing WhatsApp? The tax was to fall on the individual users of the application. After seemingly an outcry from the social media usages the proposal has gone silent.

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Now concerning Netflix Tax how is the Zambian government going to do it? Will they tax the end-users? Will they tax the ISP or they will tax the actual Netflix.

Our people already pay tax through the data bundles they buy. There is no need to tax NETFLIX. Give our people a break. #Zambia

Dora Siliya Replying to @HHichilema

11:18 pm · 3 Oct 2019·Twitter Web App

Replying to @Dora_Siliya and @HHichilema

You want to tax us for using Netflix. That was what was reported. You are not taxing Netflix but Zambians! Stop with this nonsense! You already take over 40 percent of our paycheck. What more do you want?!

8:23 am · 4 Oct 2019 from Lusaka, Zambia·Twitter for Android

Replying to @Dora_Siliya and @HHichilema

You haven’t even finished with your failed project to tax Whatsapp calls you are already thinking of Taxing Netflix. And who tells you Netflix uses your infrastructure? Gosh. You might as well tax this same Twitter you are using.

5:28 am · 4 Oct 2019·Twitter for iPhone

Replying to @Dora_Siliya and @HHichilema

Honourable,.please research and involve learned people in your conversations before you utter words that paint you as a very misinformed and ignorant person. NETFLIX should be taxed..NOT zambians.If you cant tax the ‘FOREIGN INVESTORS’ that are pumping money out..just sit pliz

4:20 am · 4 Oct 2019·Twitter for Android

Replying to @Dora_Siliya and @HHichilema

@Dora_Siliya do you really think Zambia can go on a trade war with a country like the U.S? Or even Malawi? Let me ask a simple question, do you think your Government has the intellectual ability to go on a trade war with Shoprite.

9:18 am · 4 Oct 2019·Twitter for Android

Replying to @Dora_Siliya and @HHichilema

Pa last you will hear ati even watching video on FB we should pay tax…..2021 were are u

9:18 AM · Oct 4, 2019·Twitter for Android

@mwanahamuntu_Replying to @mwanahamuntu_, @Dora_Siliya and @HHichilema

What I am trying to say is you keep hitting your head against a glass wall. Taxing us won’t make you a better minister/government if you don’t look within & accept that the county’s problems are because of your governance. You still have time to fix your mess from that angle.

7:46 am · 4 Oct 2019·Twitter for Android

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