Zambian keyboard warriors on social media

Zambian keyboard warriors are aggressive
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Courtesy Michael Illishebo – The Zedian Keyboard Warriors..

A keyboard warrior is defined as someone who expresses and exhibits aggression against others on the internet.

At first glance, they seem loving, caring and concerned…the ‘joy ride’ crowd. They will flatter you, Patronise you, hero worship you…

Just post something that attacks their consciousness and belittles them, hell will break loose.

They will come for you like a hurricane…left, right, center, forward, behind such that you won’t know what hit you. From all age group, they will virtually gather, strategies and attack you…your personality, your reputation, your family. They have all the time in this world to drag you into the mud.

The Zambian Keyboard Warriors have no emotions, are unforgiving and come in all packages – young and old. They will dig your social media postings, some dating back 13yrs ago and then attack you, insult you, degrade you, demean and finish you.

As we interact on Social Media, let us strive to be respectful, loving and tolerant of each other. Divergence in views of opinion is simply is No reason to be aggressive another. We should agree to disagree without confrontation.

We are each brother’s keeper.

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