Zambian mobile users wake up to mass ZICTA SMS alerts

Zambian mobile users wake up to mass ZICTA SMS alerts
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Zambian telephone mobile users today woke up to a shock with SMS alerts flooding their phones. A warning linked fears of disconnecting the SIM cards due to non-sim registration verification.

Yello, you have more than 10 SIM cards registered in your name. Verify your details TODAY with your service provider to avoid disconnection. ZICTA-70707

ZICTA SMS message read

A quick check showed the ZICTA SMS alert seems to be contained only to MTN mobile platform.

And just yesterday MTN sent another mass email alerts in directives from ZICTA. It was a reminder that MTN users will be subjected to submit a facial image during SIM registration.

Dear Customers, as part of new directives from ZICTA, MTN will be capturing facial photography of customers during the SIM registration process

A similar ZICTA mass SMS alert

This effectively means that MTN and ZICTA will store electronically all of its customers’ facial images tied to Subscriber Identity Module cards.

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