Zamtel internet settings for mobile phones

Zamtel internet settings
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This blog post is about Zamtel internet settings and how you can set up the same. Zamtel is a Zambian Government-owned telecommunication company that provides communications solutions for the Zambian market.

It has unique mobile phone internet settings compared to MTN, Airtel, and Vodafone. On the Zamtel network, the internet settings are a bit cumbersome. Given the other operators all you need is to edit the Access Point Names with “internet” or “default” in the APN field for the Android and Windows-powered phones.

Zamtel has been around longer and one would expect they should have the simplest settings yet. Bureaucracy organization culture and political interference all play a role in the way Zamtel is run.

Nonetheless, today, Zamtel has been transformed into a highly competitive organization led by a team of visionary men and women that fully understand and believe in the transformational and catalytic nature of telecommunications that can play in the development of Zambia.

So if you are new to Zamtel and you want to use the internet here is a quick jump at the Zamtel internet settings

Zamtel Internet settings configuration

select internet settings from your phone,

select a profile name and enter zamtelinternet,

go to and select home page/URL and enter,

go to and select APN and enter zamtel.wap,

select the port and enter 80,

select Proxy and enter,

select the IP address and enter

Alternatively, you can browse to the following link Zamtel Internet Settings. The page will guide you on how to set up the settings through a web browser from a laptop or desktop.

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