Zamtel Partners with Topstar to allow subscribers to pay through Kwacha

Zamtel partners with Topstar to allow its users pay through the Mobile App
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Zamtel partners with Topstar to allow subscribers to pay for their subscriptions. Zamtel Kwacha is a mobile money service that allows you to send and receive money and pay bills conveniently using your mobile.

Topstar are providers of TV Set top Box that allow Zambian electronic consumers to watch channels like ZNBC. Since going digital ZNBC partnered with Topstar to be the sole distributor of the decoders that will catch the Zambian channels.

In addition to ZNBC additional channels available are– ZNBC TV2, ZNBC 3, QTV, CBC, Prime TV, Fresh TV, Diamond TV, City TV, Parliament TV, ABN TV. Nature channels are also available like Discovery Science, NatGeo W and many more.

Other Mobile providers like MTN have also partnered with Topstar and through MoMo one can easily pay for the subscription.

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