Zamtel Relaunch ZamPay To Work On All Networks.

Zambian app ZamPay is sued for Mobile Money
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Zamtel re-launches ZamPay platform with enhancements and new features. Zamtel Pay new features include the ability for anyone to download the app from any network including networks outside side.

ZamPay is a mobile wallet developed by Zamtel which makes transferring money, paying for goods, mobile top-up easy and quick. The app allows you to send, receive money and many more functions in an instant and all safely secured on your phone.

Game Changer: Zamtel ZamPay app spearheads the journey to a cashless society that continues that most developed countries like America are experiencing. It’s so easy to use after you download from the Play Store for Android and App Store for the iOS market.

Zamtel Relaunch ZamPay To Work On All Networks. 1

You can transfer money from your wallet straight to your contact. The app will inform you if the contact is registered or not. Selected stores have already started accepting ZamPay.

You can use your phone to scan the QR code at the selected store and purchase goods right their without hard cash. A number of merchants have been integrated as more will join.

App users can also transfer funds into their respective bank accounts through the VISA facility

The App has also a feature called Nearby which has the ability to tell the user the locations and the nearest agents with their details such as name, point or location

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