Zamtel Velocity caps its unlimited internet packages

Zamtel Velocity caps its unlimited internet
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Zamtel Velocity caps their unlimited internet packages, yes that is the latest sad news from Velocity for all internet users in Zambia. Velocity packages are no longer unlimited. Generally “Unlimited Internet Access” only refers to the ability to access the Internet without having restrictions placed on what you do or where you go while you are online.

“We have introduced Fair Usage Policy on all Velocity packages in order to improve internet quality. We now have daily capping on data volume consumption.” Says Velocity in SMS messages sent to its subscribers.

What does this mean?

This policy change follows recent issues that Velocity has been dealing with. Firstly the 20mbps package has not been available for a while. Reportedly Zamtel Velocity was dealing with technical issues to provide quality on the same package.

Secondly, Velocity has been terrible both on its entry package 3mbps, and the 6mbps with terrible speeds and no internet situations for hours on end.

In the third instance is the price adjustment in the entry package from 349 Kwacha to 450 Kwacha. This was effected on 1st May 2021. And now a month later Zamtel Velocity has capped its unlimited packages.

This means going forward velocity internet users on unlimited will experience capping on their bandwidth usage. Once you deplete your daily usage your browsing will be capped and introduced to lower speeds. According to one Reddit user in the r/Zambia, they cap you to 5mbps once you deplete a 2.5GB daily limit on the 5mbps which costs 650 Kwacha.

It is, I’ve been using the 5mbs package for k650 and it has been terrible. They cap your speed to 500mbs per second after you’ve depleted your 2.5Gb of daily data. They didn’t even inform the market about their plans to change it.


What is the Way Forward?

MTN Zambia on their MTN Blaze Unbundled having capping their internet usage and have remained quite. ITs been upto the user to discover the terms and policy once they notice latency in their internet usage.

Liquid Telecoms Zambia has been capping usage on their internet packages provided through Hai. Their 100GB Monthly one-off package priced at K 1,495 gives you unlimited for the duration of the package.

  • This bundle also gives you FREE unlimited use of YouTube, Netflix, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook & Instagram.

Airtel Zambia has been quite to offer something unlimited. A quick check on their page shows nothing about unlimited.

Zamtel Velocity was hailed as a better internet solution since it was introduced late 2019 and has steadily grwon to be the favourite package for most Zambians exposed to YouTube, Netflix and streaming platforms.

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