ZRA homepage upgrades to fresher look and feel

ZRA homepage upgrades to fresher look and feel
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Zambia Revenue Authority ZRA homepage has been boasted for a fresher look and feel. More user-friendly, intuitive and easier on the eyes.

The home page has a dedicated ip while the subdomain providing key business services such as returns submission also has a further dedicated IP address of

The IP range is owned by Zambian ISP running on AS7420 ZAMNET-AS

Several links are provided on the landing page to key sections like File Return, Get TPIN, Pay Now and Ascyundaworld. The top menu also boast quick links for Individual, Business and Tax Information.

Importantly is the section for the latest news more visibly applied. They have also installed Zax an AI chatbot. However, more work will need to be done to Zax. At the moment the best the chatbot can do is only give definitions of ZRA terms, words, and phrases.

ZRA portal zra.org.zm is one of the best websites in Zambia regularly ranking between 1-10. Looking at traffic and bandwidth load the site is well built and resilient. The site was designed by TATA Consultancy Services a technology company of India.

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