ZRA new TaxOnline crashes

ZRA new TaxOnline crashes 1
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According to a Facebook post on their page, the Zambia Revenue Authority has launched its new tax online portal.zra.org.zm. However barely 12 hours into its launch the ZRA new TaxOnline has crashed.

The New and Improved TaxOnline is now available. Enjoy the experience!

Zambia Revenue Authority post on Facebook page

The new TaxOnline was launched on Sunday 5th January 2020 at 18:00 pm. However, reporting into the busy Monday 6th January 2020 and hardly a few hours into work time the portal seems to have crashed.

Firstly the portal was throwing all sorts of errors from ‘Error establishing a database connection’ to briefly opening up to a login page. But approaching 9:30 am the site completely had a failure with the index file failing to redirect to the database.

And at the time of posting a 404 error started coming up navigating beyond the login page with the domain www.zra.org.zm also redirected to portal.zra.org.zm.

ZRA new TaxOnline crashes 2
A 404 error showing when you navigate to ZRA new TaxOnline portal

Woes for the database management surfaced at user presentations and training sessions where failures in database connections were experienced.

Previously Zambia Revenue Authority had been using a system developed by TATA of India. The new TaxOnline has links with local developers and programmers trained from Copperbelt University.

ZRA website error
Another 404 error popping up on ZRA new taxonline

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